Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ralphie Between the Hedges

Colorado mascot Ralphie made the trip last Saturday to Georgia, and from the looks of things, she (yes, Ralphie is a girl) really enjoyed the romp around Sanford Stadium. And we move from the beast to the beauties, who were enjoying the tailgate before the Bulldogs' 14-13 victory. Thanks to Matt for sending these images!


go gators. said...

I think the response I got from my buddy after linking to this post and complaining that our tailgate was filled with too many girls wearing jean shorts deserved posting:

The only thing we're doing wrong is having a tailgate w/o Georgia girls.
I'm just not sure how to fix it. Maybe we should start a service that involves flying UGA girls around the country for tailgates at schools that don't have Georgia girls.

See you in Jacksonville.

Mikey said...

Herbstreit gave a herbie to the SEC because they have the best co-eds... Wiz, you should start a contest to find the best looking co-eds. CAUSE I'M CURIOUS :0P