Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Paradise Is No Place to Play Football

More than any college trip, the one to Hawaii presents the most bizarre challenges to the visiting team. And it's not only the plane ride. In 1995, Ted Tollner was the coach of San Diego State. He brought his team to Oahu for a game and decided the team should stay in a resort hotel on a remote section of the North Shore to avoid all the temptations of Honolulu. On the afternoon the Aztecs arrived, they were greeted with a large banner draped over the hotel's entrance: Welcome to the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant. This Saturday, travel-weary Nevada Las Vegas makes the trip to Honolulu, a week after playing Iowa State in Ames.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Ames to Honolulu. Outhouse to the penthouse.

Midwest Correspondent said...

It's artwork like this that confirms why Da Wiz is the only college football site that matters.

Anonymous said...

The one on the right has camel toe.