Saturday, September 16, 2006

How Clemson Fans Play the Money Game

Last we checked, it was illegal to deface currency, but rules are meant to be broken and it appears Clemson fans have been breaking rules in a big, big way for 30 years. Clemson faithful who invaded Boston last week left their mark with $2 bills stamped with the Tiger Paw logo. The locals took notice. Boston College officials are now considering putting Eagle stamps on dollar bills or larger denominations. The reason behind leaving a money trail is to reinforce the economic power that Tiger fans bring to an area. This in turn can enhance the team's reputation in the bowl community. It seems to work. Example: Last season Boston College defeated Clemson and had a better record than the Tigers. But when bowl assignments were handed out, Clemson was sent to sunny Florida and Boston College was shipped to Boise. Thanks to the Sporting Gnomes.

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