Friday, September 08, 2006

Crystal Ball

Dan Hinxman, Reno Gazette-Journal: Not a great start for the Handicapper's Challenge, as the four experts all lost.

Tim Griffin, San Antonio Express News: A look at what to expect in games involving top 25 and Big 12 teams.

Jody Demling, Louisville Courier-Journal: Tough start, with a 3-4-1 in the opening week.

Fearless Forecasters, Roanoke Times: The panel of experts puts it on the line for Week 2.

For the latest lines, check with our friends at Doc's Sports. Thanks to Hester Graphics for the 3-D image.

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Anonymous said...

Good writeup, except I don't see Nebraska getting double digit sacks against a team that only throws 7 times a game... I'm just sayin'.