Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Consider This Your Last Warning

Random thoughts regarding Week 1 from the laptop of the Wiz: We took great interest in ESPN's Lou Holtz predicting Arkansas would defeat USC. Back in the day, Holtz wouldn't even begin to make such a brash statement. Remember when he coached Notre Dame and expressed fear about Navy's team speed? What a croc. ... The studio pairing of Mark May and Holtz just doesn't work and is awkward at best. The Saturday studio show has never recovered from the loss of Trev Alberts. Now before you flame us for once again saying good things about Albert, give us a replacement who would bring the juice back to the Saturday studio show. Holtz certainly isn't the answer. ... News item: Arkansas coach Houston Nutt says quarterback Robert Johnson is a better receiver and freshman Mitch Mustain will take over the quarterbacking duties. Reaction: This is a move of desperation by Nutt and is wrong on so many fronts. First, why do you spend all this time getting Johnson ready to play quarterback, then pull the plug after one game? Second, Nutt is putting Mustain in a tough spot. While the kid is no doubt happy to start, Nutt has his job security tied to Mustain. And to remember just a few years back when Nebraska came knocking and Nutt had one foot out the door. Things do change quickly.

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Andrew said...

Anyone remember the start of Oklahoma Season last year. Has anyone checked to see if Mustain is working for a car dealership?