Sunday, September 24, 2006

Battle Over the Big House Continues

Not so fast with those planned luxury suites at Michigan Stadium. John Pollack, who is spearheading a move to prevent the building of the suites, has put together an alternate plan that would cost less and add about 10,000 seats to the facility. Fielding H. Yost III, the grandson of the athletic director who built the stadium, unveiled Pollack's proposal last week at Michigan Union. Pollack's proposal would add 15 rows of seats in a second concourse encircling the stadium and would cost $93.1 million (compared to Michigan's $354.7 million). It also addresses the long waiting list for Michigan season tickets. Michigan officials do not seem to be impressed. "We are not considering alternates at this point in the process," said Timothy Slottow, the university's executive vice president and chief financial officer. Pollack's site is Save the Big House.

1 comment:

Cory said...

I've got an idea... how bout you just send a blimp up there and sell seats in that. They'll be closer to the field than adding more seats to the outside.

I think the top row is already in another zip code