Monday, September 18, 2006

Barnett Feels 'a Little Vindication'

Former Colorado coach Gary Barnett told the Colorado Springs Gazette said he has mixed feelings over the Buffaloes' stumbling start under new coach Dan Hawkins. "I hurt for the kids," he said. "Those are my guys. I know the talent that we have there, the maturity and the leadership, and I want those guys to get everything they deserve, and I want them to play in the [Big 12] Championship Game again. Then, on the other side, I got taken out of that situation. I got removed from it and someone else made that decision. Part of me felt a little vindication because of it." From Barnett's perspective, there is no shortage of talent at Boulder. "There's plenty of talent there," he said. Barnett, 60, is not sure if his coaching days are over, but when asked about the possibility of succeeding Fisher DeBerry at Air Force, he appeared interested. "Fisher and I are very close, so who knows. I don’t know about that one. . . . I’ve always had great respect for that program and institution."

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PJ from NU in SF said...

As a fan of Navy and CSU, I couldn't wish for anything more than to see this self-righteous pencildick take over from Fisher.

But as a Northwestern alum, (Goalpost '81, BA '85), I want to see Barnett twist slowly in the wind, and then die of cancer, one that starts at the toes and works its way up to the brain. Even though Denny Green et al. couldn't win a game to save their lives, we didn't have gambling and point-shaving scandals, either. Gary B-as-in-Butthead knew what was going on, but he was too busy cashing in to care.