Tuesday, August 29, 2006

They're Working Out the Bugs at Nebraska

Nebraska's new HuskerVision big screen is already drawing a crowd, but it's not the crowd officials had hoped for. Bugs — mostly moths — are swarming to the new 4,000-square foot LED television. "There's like a billion bugs," said Scott Bennett, who spends about seven hours a week on the Memorial Stadium turf practicing with the marching band. Although John Ingram, an assistant athletic director for facilities, had no comment, others were talking. "The way it's constructed is going to act like a magnet for certain insects," said James Kalisch, an extension technologist with the university's entomology department. And the problem could get worse at night. "If you have night games that go particularly late, there could be a lot more insects," Kalisch told the Daily Nebraskan. "Don't be alarmed if they land on you." ... Thanks to the Big Red Network for the image!

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Earl B. said...

Hence the earlier moniker for the Nebraska football team: The Bugeaters!