Thursday, August 31, 2006

Admitting You Have a Problem

No longer do you have to run from convenience store to convenience store on the Internet in search of a fireyourcoach site. We're talking consolidation here, folks. It's all in one superstore on the Internet, or at least the names of 27 coaches. The site Redshirted, reportedly operated by a technology worker in Austin, has prices ranging from $50 to $250. Examples: is available for $50 and has a price tag of $250. The site says value is determined on fan base, expectation of success, team record and controversy. All the fireyourcoach URLs direct you back to the site, which is reportedly operated by a technology work in Austin. The site also suggests that a domain name could be used against an arch-rival to help destabilize the coach. "Sometimes your best defense is a good offense." Not all of the URLs have paid off. is still available for $100, and he was ousted two years ago by Indiana. Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent.

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

where's ty willingham?!?! too obvious or somethin' i guess.