Thursday, August 31, 2006

2006 Roster of Voters in the Harris Poll

Here you have it, the roster of the 114 voters in the 2006 Harris Interactive Poll (double-click on the image for an enlarged view). This is a bit of a scoop because we beat Harris to posting the complete list of all their voters, so that shows you what a joke of a poll this is. The Harris poll, of course, was brought into the bowl championship series fold after Associated Press told the BCS it no longer wanted to be a party to the selection process. We haven't had a chance to pick over all the names yet, but there are several members of the media on board.


Anonymous said...

So you beat them to the punch, big deal. Whats your point?

Anonymous said...

The point is the poll is poorly organized. Not only that, but it features voters like Brentson Buckner who likely won't go to a college game all year, much less read enough to know who's really the best. How can you have 114 voters and not find one woman who covers the sport?

Andy said...

If you want to watch real, good quality football just as it is played all over the world then see Brazil v Argentina(3 September 2006) or see any of the games played at the Worldcup in Germany such as France v Spain - now that is what I call real Football.

It is high time that the US joined the mainstream of world football played in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Even the Aussies and Saffies are getting into world football now.
Time to grow up boys and stop wearing protective clothing in case you get hurt!!