Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nebraska Wants to Settle the Score

It appears a scoreboard that was removed from Nebraska's Memorial Stadium and put up for bid on eBay has been pulled from the Internet auction site. There were two such scoreboards — statistics boards that were located in the stadium's northeast and southwest corners — that were recently removed to make way for a monster scoreboard in the north end of the stadium as part of a renovation of the facility. The eBay seller said the scoreboard was 24 feet long and five feet tall and displayed only passing and rushing totals. The seller took a jab at rival Oklahoma in the posting, saying the buyer could wire the scoreboard to read 499 passing yards and 499 rushing yards, then point it at your neighbor who cheers for the Sooners. But Nebraska officials weren't laughing. Spokesman Keith Mann told the Omaha World-Herald: "We're taking steps to make sure the sale is removed from the site. This is something that we knew nothing about and it wasn't authorized by us."

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