Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's Time to Hide the Women and Children

We know. It's the middle of July and it's steaming hot, but you needed that "College GameDay" fix now, didn't you? We have it, thanks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Lee Corso rolled through town for a speaking engagement and dropped some words of wisdom on the locals. For starters, yes, Georgia Tech has a very good chance to beat Notre Dame in the opener (he was in Atlanta, remember?). Texas will lose two games. USC's dynasty is far from over. The new five-game BCS model is a disaster. They will be jumping off the Ohio State bandwagon before long. Oh, and "College GameDay" will expand to two hours this fall (see, there was some news). As for the "Lee Corso Is a Penis" sign held up during a GameDay telecast last fall, let us refresh your memory. Don't forget that classic radio interview Corso gave to KTCK-AM in Dallas. And to close it out, Corso now has a website.

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