Saturday, July 08, 2006

Columnists' Corner

Mike Downey, Chicago Tribune: Can Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald, at 31 the youngest head coach in Division I-A, endure baptisms of fire? (registration)

Rick Cleveland, Clarion Ledger: Southern Mississippi cornerback Jasper Faulk is getting tired of seeing the absurdly acrobatic catch by Alabama's Tyrone Prothro from last season, and for good reason.

Paul Finebaum, Mobile Register: Many upper-crust Alabama graduates don't particularly like being associated with what has often been referred to as the "dirt-road alumni."

Tommy Hicks, Mobile Register: Adding a 12th game to the schedule did little to spice up the season. Instead, it has turned into a big cupcake festival.

Bob Smizik, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Beano Cook's contract with ESPN ends in August, but exactly how did he get started? We have Bob Mathias, the gold medalist in the decathlon at the Helsinki Olympics, to thank.

Andy Baggot, Wisconsin State Journal: If ever there was a moment when the demand for tickets to Wisconsin games would dip, this would be it. But the frenzy is bigger than ever.

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