Friday, July 28, 2006

California's Perfect 10

Those were the days! Remember when Brigham Young sent out neckties to promote Ty Detmer for the Heisman? Or how about Washington State mailing a leaf to hype Ryan Leaf? Today we have the Internet, and unless you are Notre Dame, having a website to promote your star player is a necessity. California has decided to put its chips on running back Marshawn Lynch and it has created This is Cal's first foray into Heisman promotion since 1992, when the Golden Bears mailed postcards touting tailback Russell White. The campaign went nowhere when Cal staggered to a 4-7 record, and given the expectations entering this season, four wins could lead to an uprising in Berkeley. Officials are also mailing brochures to writers and broadcasters, and so far they say the total cost has been under $10,000. ... A couple of other stops on the Heisman circuit. Louisville's Derby City Duo promotes quarterback Brian Brohm and running back Michael Bush, and the quality Heisman Pundit tries to separate contenders from pretenders. While Notre Dame doesn't feel the need to push Brady Quinn because of the exposure it will get during the normal course of the season, others have taken up the cause. We present you with Brady4Heisman. Oddly enough, Quinn and Lynch each wear No. 10 (some registration).

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Earl B. said...

Brady4Heisman seems to be dedicated more to selling Brady Quinn jerseys (via than actually promoting BQ's Heisman run. It's a commercial site more than a fan site.