Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wichita State: A Return to the Big Show?

There is a movement to bring football back to Wichita State, but university administrators appear somewhat unreceptive to the idea. Wichita State, citing community apathy and a growing debt in the athletic department, dropped football in 1986. Since then, enrollment has declined by nearly 3,000 students. By comparison, Kansas State's enrollment has increased by nearly 7,000. Many observers credit the turnaround of the Wildcat football program for the increase. Wichita mayor Carlos Mayans is among those backing a proposal to bring back football, even offering taxpayer money to help the cause. But university president Don Beggs is uncomfortable with the idea of using public money. ... The program never recovered after a tragic plane crash on Oct. 2, 1970. Players, staff and fans were aboard a twin-engine plane traveling to Utah State for a game. The plane crashed in Colorado, resulting in the death of 31 members of the traveling squad. ... Wichita State counts WWE superstar Paul Wight, known as "The Big Show," and Dallas Cowboy coach Bill Parcells among alumni. Parcells was a linebacker at Wichita State from 1961-63. Thanks to reader John for the tip!


greg6363 said...

Wow!! I have never read an article regarding the details on that tragic crash. Thanks for the perspective. As for the Shockers reviving their long dormant football program, I just don't think it makes much sense from a financial standpoint or from a school spirit standpoint. Here is a link to their historical results:

As you can see, not a lot of tradition to fall back on.

Mini Me said...

I think this is a great post. I wonder if you could get Parcells to back the idea, cause certainly he has pull in the football world. It would be a great story if they could get a team back, but in the end it all comes back to money. If Wichita State has the fan-base and the community to support a team I say go for it! Also again, if you are up for a link exchange, I am up for it!

Mini Me said...

By the way, thank you Big Show! I love choke-slamming people!

Dash said...

I am all for bringing Wichita State Football back. I know the university is sorta reluctant. Its shame!.
As an alumni , I would back WSU football and if they srat program would be first to be a season ticket holder...Go Shox!!!