Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Township Playing a Rezoning Scheme?

Few coaches will ever get the mileage out of a 7-5 season like Rutgers coach Greg Schiano. Piscataway officials unanimously approved a controversial zoning change to a former Rutgers University ecological tract, which the university plans to sell to Schiano in an unusual deal. Schiano, who became coach in 2001 and guided the Scarlet Knights to their first winning season in 13 years, plans to build a house large enough to host events with his players and potential recruits. Schiano was not at the meeting, but plenty of opponents were. "Rutgers had no right to do that," Sue Kozel, a former spokesperson for Friends of the Rutgers Ecological Preserve, told the Home News Tribune. "It's clear this thing was hot-wired with Piscataway officials for awhile." Thanks to Ben Maller for this!


seamus said...

I'm sure this will be devastating to the pristine ecology of New Jersey.

Jerry said...

This stuff happens all the time in New Jersey. There's a tiny lot next to my parent's house not big enough for a MotoFoto that got re-zoned so somebody could build a QuickCheck, a hair salon, and a walk-in medical clinic.

At least in this case our corruption is arguably constructive. Usually it just produces strip malls, 4 bedroom houses, and traffic.

Anonymous said...

Seamus, have you ever been anywhere in New Jersey besides an ugly 10-mile stretch on the Tunpike that you're obviously hinting at. YOur arroganc eis exceeded only by your ignorance.