Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big 12 Conference: Ten Years After

Ten years ago, the Big Eight Conference became the Big 12 Conference, with Baylor, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech leaving the Southwest to create a superconference. The Kansas City Star is marking the anniversary by examining the pros and cons of the union. Revenues are up, but fat paydays have not arrived without problems. The conference's South Division has dominated football and that trend is likely to continue. Could it force a breakup of the union? Officials say no, but a team such as Colorado could find it difficult to resist an overture from the Pacific 10. The league has suffered from many scandals, but a top offender has been Colorado. The person in charge of cleaning up the mess in Boulder is athletic director Mike Bohn, who did an extended interview with the Denver Post (some registration).


Jason said...

Interesting breakdown by the KC Star. We took a look at the Big 12 winners and losers from a football perspective and it generated quite a debate (especially amongst Texas fans).

Looking at it purely from a financial point of view, the Big 12 has been a huge success. From a W/L perspective, it is debateable.

greg6363 said...

We can thank Ma Richards for the formation of the Big 12. As governor of the state of Texas, she made sure any conference realignment included her Baylor Bears. When A&M was contemplating moving to the Southeastern Conference (following Arkansas' path), Richards threatened to cut their funding. When UT, A&M and Tech got together to align with the Big 8, Richards threatened to make life difficult for each of those schools if Baylor was not part of the mix.