Friday, May 26, 2006

Reporters' Notebooks

Paul Rosano, Hartford Courant: Slighty off-topic, but the governing body of Connecticut prep football has passed a score management rule that will result in the suspension of a coach who wins a game by 50 or more points. So if you're losing by 49, do you take the intentional safety?

Mike Lucas, Capital Times: Wisconsin, for one, won't be sorry to see Minnesota leave the Metrodome for its new on-campus stadium.

Bob Holt, Northwest Arkansas Times: Arkansas, which finished 4-7 in 2005, is reporting a huge spike in sales of season tickets. Of course, pro teams like USC to don't come to Fayetteville every year.

Sam Farmer, L.A. Times: Former USC quarterback Matt Leinart says he's ready to get out of L.A? But what about your friend (wink, wink) Paris Hilton?

Larry Stewart, L.A. Times: Keith Jackson recommended that Dan Fouts be moved to a play-by-play job. ABC and ESPN listened.

Mark Anderson, Las Vegas Review-Journal: It's nervous time for college coaches, who are held responsible for players' actions in the summertime despite limited offseason contact.

Aaron Fentress, Oregonian: Speaking of trouble, an Oregon recruit from California pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree burglary in Eugene.

Marcus Nelson, Palm Beach Post: Florida State coach Bobby Bowden appears to have kept the Seminole Nation happy with his ACC championship.

Jim Moore, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Things were more interesting around Washington football when Rick Neuheisel was at the controls.

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