Monday, May 01, 2006

Jarrett Might Have to Sit Out Part of Season

USC receiver Dwayne Jarrett, left, might have to sit out a portion of the 2006 season because of his financial arrangement in the sharing of an upscale apartment with former quarterback Matt Leinart. The L.A. Times reported Sunday that the players leased a $3,866-a-month apartment in the Medici, with each paying $650 ($1,300 total) toward the rent. Bob Leinart, the quarterback's father, paid the rest. Pacific 10 Conference associate commissioner for enforcement Ron Barker, speaking in general terms to the Times, said that one player's family is not allowed to pay another player's expenses "if they don't have a pattern or a history of doing it. It would have to go back before they were teammates." Jarrett, who will be a junior in the fall and is three years younger than Leinart, is from New Jersey. Leinart, who was drafted Saturday by the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, is from Santa Ana. The L.A. Daily News is telling a different story, reporting that USC officials believe no rules were broken in the arrangement. The paper, citing sources, reported that Leinart provided documentation of the lease to USC last fall and the school would fight any charges of impropriety. And finally, the New York Times has a piece summarizing USC's bad week (some registration).

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