Thursday, May 11, 2006

Did Switzer Hand Osborne Another Loss?

The joke making the rounds Wednesday was that Tom Osborne's campaign to become governor of Nebraska was sailing along until former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer showed up in February to help raise money for his friend. People in the Cornhusker state haven't forgotten that Switzer was 12-5 against Osborne and that the former Nebraska coach didn't win his three national titles until Switzer had left Oklahoma. But in all seriousness, Osborne's loss to incumbent Dave Heineman in Tuesday's Republican primary had everybody asking what the former Cornhusker coach would do next. Osborne offered few clues on Wednesday, but flatly said that retirement was not an option. "I don't believe in retirement," he said. Osborne has seven months left in Congress and didn't rule out another run for public office, but he made it clear that is unlikely to happen (some registration).

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Hosh said...

There has also been talk around Nebraska that the reason Dr. Tom didn't get elected was because he has not embrassed the new regime and improvements being made at the stadium.