Thursday, March 30, 2006

It All Makes (Dollars and) Sense Now

It's called a seismic event in the relationship between college football and television. Orange Bowl officials agreed to NBC's request to have their Jan. 1, 1965 game between Texas and Alabama moved to prime time in exchange for — you guessed it — more money. Television was once a technology feared by college administrators, who expressed concerns that broadcasting games might lead to decreased attendance and a loss of revenue. But those days are a distant memory, and now TV plays the role of dictator. Author Keith Dunnavant chronicles the partnership between college football and TV in his book, "The Fifty Year Seduction: How Television Manipulated College Football, From the Birth of the Modern NCAA to the Creation of the BCS." Dunnavant recently spoke at the University of Michigan, and Wolverine coach Lloyd Carr was among those in attendance.

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