Monday, February 20, 2006

Where's Karl Rove When You Need Him?

It appears Florida Governor Jeb Bush's text messaging of New Jersey prep recruit Myron Rolle is raising a few eyebrows in Washington. The Washington Post ran an item on page A2 of its Sunday editions summarizing Bush's roll in Rolle's recruitment and reported that the NCAA is awaiting more information on the incident to see if the governor violated rules. Bush is trying to wipe his hands clean of the incident and smooth things over with fans of rivals Florida and Miami, but his latest comment likely didn't do much to win over Gator fans. "I would have done the exact same thing for the Gators and for the Hurricanes," Bush said. "Truth be known, I'm a Hurricane fan." (some registration).

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Terri said...

where the hell is Karl Rove?

(Sorta brilliant, some dudes from Second City, via