Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So What's Up With Grumpy Lloyd Carr?

L-L-L-L-loyd Carr (he now gets an 'L' for each of the Michigan's five losses last season) is feeling the heat after winning only seven games and dropping five in 2005. And on top of that, he injected hope into a wobbling Nebraska program by losing to the Cornhuskers in the Alamo Bowl. So what is a man of Carr's stature to do? You step up like a man and place the blame on your assistants, of course. The Wolverine staff is undergoing a makeover as we speak, and this comes after another alleged haul of blue-chip recruits. (Gee, wouldn't it be fair to the recruits if all this shuffling happened before national signing day so the players would know who their position coach would be?) Secondary coach Ron English is the latest to leave Ann Arbor. He follows offensive coordinator Terry Malone. The next to go might be defensive coordinator Jim Herrmann. But at least Carr got his raise, which is raising quite a ruckus at Firelloydcarr.

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swindlerjackson said...

Great work. Word is that Hermann may be gone to the Jets. Let's hope so.