Thursday, February 16, 2006

Looking for Money? We've Got Volunteers

After a relative period of calm, a volcano of activity took place regarding the Tennessee Volunteers. First, Tennessee announced an increase in ticket prices for 2006. With seven home games at Neyland Stadium, even a modest increase will amount to millions for Volunteer coffers. But come on, it takes a pair of brass balls to jack up ticket prices after a 5-6 season, doesn't it? From all indications, Tennessee officials suddenly realized fans had extra change in their pockets because they didn't have to spend money traveling to a bowl game last season, so why not fleece it? As for the other developments, the mother of Jacques McClendon, a prep lineman who signed with Tennessee on Feb. 1, received extra benefits from a Knoxville attorney whose son just happens to go to school with Jacques (wink, wink). Young Jacques is currently ineligible until a few things are cleared up. But if he doesn't work out, coach Phil Fulmer is already putting together his class of 2007.

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