Friday, February 10, 2006

Clear Sailing for 'the Rich White Guy'

It has been a big week for former ABC sideline reporter Lynn Swann, who is running for governor of Pennsylvania. Bill Scranton, his main opponent for the Republican nomination, dropped out, leaving Swann nothing but open field as he heads for a likely November showdown against Democratic incumbent Ed Rendell. Scranton's campaign never got rolling and was dealt a blow when aide James Seif said, "The rich white guy in this campaign is Lynn Swann." Seif resigned, and Scranton, realizing later he had no chance of getting the party's endorsement, called it quits without debating Swann. Not everybody is happy about this, at least in Republican circles, but Rendell likely is smiling all the way to the bank. The savvy fundraiser ended 2005 with a campaign nestegg of $12 million. Swann, on the other hand, had only $1 million. Oh, in case you were wondering, the rich white guy on the right is Swann. The other guy is the alleged leader of the "free" world.

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