Monday, February 20, 2006

Buckeyes Hawk Autographs for Money

Ohio State's A.J. Hawk is cashing in on his fame. Although exact dollar amounts are not known, it's clear former Buckeye players earn big bucks on the autograph circuit. The Cleveland Plain Dealer estimates Hawk made $15,000 for one three-hour event. That's nothing compared with the expected $30 million contract the linebacker will sign after his selection in the NFL draft, but Hawk's net in the autograph season likely will be more than some of his biggest fans earn in a year. This gravy train has been going on for many years and every outgoing Buckeye player has his eye on the pot of gold. "Going to Ohio State, the older guys talked about it," senior offensive lineman Rob Sims said. "The national championship [year], those guys were cleaning up."

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