Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bednarik: Paterno Should Call It Quits

If you thought going 11-1 and winning the Orange Bowl was enough to get the heat off Penn State coach Joe Paterno, well, think again. NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Chuck Bednarik, 80, had some old-school advice for youngster Paterno, 79. "You've had (your time); you've been a success; you'll get in the Hall of Fame. Stop it. Let somebody else take over," Bednarik said at a "Tailgating With the Lions" banquet last week. He wasn't finished. "(Paterno is) too old. Too old for a college coach, believe me. No, Joe, you're a great coach. But, hey, you've had enough."

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to take anything Concrete Charlie says seriously because he's a crank of the highest order. Last year he said he hoped the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl and that he could be a long-snapper in today's NFL.

(Yeah, anonimity is chickenshit, but I'm too lazy to register.)