Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Are They Vandals or Coaches?

They must be getting serious about football in Moscow. That or they are seriously being used. It seems Dennis Erickson has held every job in the Great Northwest, among other stops, so now he's embarking on his second tour of duty. According to reports, he will become Idaho's next coach, the second time he has held the Vandal job. He would replace Nick Holt, and we don't know where to begin with Holt. He left Sunday to take a job with the St. Louis Rams. "It's an opportunity I couldn't turn down," Holt said. Well turn it down he did. He is now the new defensive coordinator at USC, the second time he has worked for the Trojans. Cautioned USC coach Pete Carroll, "It's not done until he gets here." And we tend to believe Carroll given Holt's strange week of job jumping.

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