Monday, January 09, 2006

Young's Next Step Is a Big One

Vince Young is doing the smart thing and cashing in on his Rose Bowl performance, but how will his unique skill set translate to the NFL? The Wiz believes Young will have some tough going, but with the right situation, he could become an impact player. Texas coach Mack Brown wisely used the shotgun formation to showcase Young's ability, but the quarterback will have to learn to be comfortable under center in the NFL. As Marcus Allen said, he will have to turn his back to the offense as opposed to watching it. Another thing is that Young will have to consistently throw the deep ball, specifically the 20-yard out patterns that NFL teams cherish. Although some coaches may want to tinker with his throwing motion, which resembles the flinging motion of Bernie Kosar, the big question is this: How much stock do you put in one scintillating game? In Austin, they say no NFL team should bet against Young (some registration). And a New York Times piece takes an interesting perspective, saying Young, much like Michael Vick, represents the next generation of quarterbacks, and that it is the NFL that needs to change. But that is unlikely to happen. The piece is available only to online subscribers or in the print edition.

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