Sunday, January 29, 2006

Who Is Calling the Shots at San Diego State?

What a crock. Chuck Neinas' cozy relationship with San Diego State has reached new heights. The sports consultant has billed the school $30,000 for his contribution in the hiring of Chuck Long as football coach, who then hired Neinas' son. In the past 18 months, Neinas, above left, has billed the school $76,496.36 for his work. "This is hilarious," Smith College professor Andrew Zimbalist, a sports economist and NCAA watchdog, told the San Diego Union-Tribune. "Are you sure Jack Abramoff (the disgraced lobbyist, above right) isn't involved?" David Ridpath, director of the Drake Group, which pushes for academic reform in college sports, told the paper, "... if a school would call me, I could spend 20 minutes on the search. Just give me $100." A ripoff? You betcha. There should be outrage over this misuse of funds. And isn't it time the NCAA put its foot down and cut out Neinas the middleman? As Zimbalist said, "It's the old boys network personified, good for members of the club, but the club's membership rules seem to be more restrictive than those at Augusta National." And kudos to one our our great partners in crime, Ben Maller, for getting here first.


Truth Police said...

This kind of muckraking is uncalled for. If Neinas proves to not be a good coach and recruiter, that is the time to bring this kind of stuff up. Till then, this is baloney!

Anonymous said...

Bull. Neinas did not get Long the job. Long was on the AD's list as a possible and was contacted by the AD, He was not refered by Neinas so neinas got nothing in from the hire. He was paid for researching and refering other applicants.