Monday, January 30, 2006

Oregon Scoots Through Another Loophole

Oregon has a reputation for creativity when it comes to recruiting, and the Ducks are at it again. Take a look at Oregon Gridiron, a site accessible to the public but directed at recruits. And the Gridiron site is not alone. Check out Coach Bellotti. It too appears to be aimed at recruits, with photos of team dining rooms, meetings and air travel. NCAA rules do not thoroughly address the use of websites in recruiting, and Oregon took note, as it always has. In 2004, Oregon spent $110,000 in one one weekend flying recruits to campus on private jets. The NCAA has since banned the practice. In 2005, Oregon sent prospects personalized comic books. The NCAA later told Oregon to stop the practice. So are these sites helping the Ducks? If you believe the recruiting services, no. Oregon's class, should it stand as projected, is ranked 47th, a decline from its 2005 ranking of 28th and 2004 ranking of 12th. Even rival Oregon State is doing better this year, with a class that ranks 37th.

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James said...

I agree with you, this a great way to recruit guys from all over the country. Go Ducks!