Friday, January 20, 2006

Mission Accomplished

That fundraising campaign to put up a billboard clarifying that USC was not playing for a third consecutive national title has reached its goal of $10,000. Now it's time to fork over the funds to The L.A. media has passed on this story, but we imagine they will get off their collective duffs once this billboard actually gets posted near the USC campus. Then it will be time for the "taggers" to go to work. ... As for the other side, the USC fatcat alumnus who says he is going to put up a billboard near the Louisiana State campus posted an update on his site, saying "things are right on schedule, but of course, it takes a little time to find the right location, rates, etc." ... Quite an amusing tit for tat we have here. The ball is now in Fatcat's court. Stay tuned. ...

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