Sunday, January 08, 2006

Johnny Can't Read, but He Sure Can Run

They played the All-American Bowl Saturday in San Antonio, and a bunch of the nation's top prep players made announcements as to where they plan to continue their playing careers, er education. ... Anyway, it's almost sickening watching some carnival barker of a sideline reporter parade the kids in front of the camera so they can tell the world which university is worthy of their talents. But there is no better place to stage an event like this than Texas, the undisputed king of prep football. The Dallas Morning News surveyed 37 districts and found that the average salary of head coaches was $82,179.16. The salaries of 41 of the 95 coaches in the findings are at least twice the average salary of teachers in their districts. Also of note: coaches in the Dallas district were lagging behind in pay, meaning that the cowbell towns that tie their identity to football are laying out the really big cash. Sounds like "Friday Night Lights," doesn't it? As for the All-American Bowl, Chris Wells, an Ohio State recruit, was the MVP. One columnist calls him an immediate impact player. And Mitch Mustain, that hotshot recruit from Springdale High in Arkansas? He completed two of 13 passes for minus-two yards (some registration).

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