Friday, January 20, 2006

Good Things Come in Small Packages

We hear that fans of national champion Texas, i.e. Brokeback Mountain, are mumbling, "Mack Brown, ah wish ah could quit yew!" And no wonder. They've depleted their savings and run up their credit cards to purchase every available t-shirt, coffee mug, hat, sticker — you name it — proclaiming Brokeback's title feat in the Rose Bowl. Now along comes yet another effort to fleece Brokeback's fans of any remaining change in the cookie jar. For $1.99, fans can download a condensed version of the Rose Bowl from the iTunes Music Store. Of course, you'll need a video iPod, which will cost you a few hundred clams. Despite the required outlay, the game was the No. 1 video download at the iTunes Music Store for a week after the game. As of this posting, it is No. 6. The three other BCS games also are available (registration).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, Brokeback Mountain. The movie set in Wyoming and made by Californians. And given numerous awards by Californians. Hardly seems a fitting name for the national champions from Texas.

Of course, one has to excuse your bitterness as you did a great job playing Neil & Bob for USC prior to the Rose Bowl.