Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Coker Cleans House

They are calling it "Bloody Monday" in Miami. Hurricane coach Larry Coker sent shock waves through a program already dazed by Friday's 40-3 loss to Louisiana State by firing four assistants. Among those fired were assistant head coach Art Kehoe, a member of the school's Sports Hall of Fame and the only coach on the staff with all five national title rings. Of course, Mississippi Madman Ed Orgeron was circling like a vulture and reportedly has offered Kehoe a position on his staff. Although one columnist is defending Coker, the Wiz thinks the Miami coach is merely trying to save his own bacon. Coker certainly appeared a tad nervous while explaining the firings (video). And just to pile on, the Hurricanes' best player, Devin Hester, is leaving early (registration).

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