Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And Why Is This the NCAA's Chief Concern?

The NCAA convention is going on between much-needed breaks for cocktails in Indianapolis. We don't want to bore you will all the convention snooze, er news, but there was a tidbit Monday that caught our eye. The NCAA's controversial Native American mascot policy has a backlog of appeals, causing the organization to delay the Feb. 1 implementation for some schools. This is good news to fans of a handful of teams, including Illinois, which is expected to appeal to no end to keep its Chief Illiniwek. It appears little will be done with the backlog until the executive committee meets again on April 27. Now doesn't the NCAA have more important issues, like doing something about the incredibly low number of black head football coaches? All we get from NCAA president Myles Brand is more rhetoric. ... Brand did say the NCAA will become even more aggressive commercially, something that's appropriate as long as it's done within the "principles of higher education." But gee, let's not share any of those record profits with the workers, i.e. "student-athletes." Oddly enough, many of those "student-athletes" just happen to be black (some registration).


Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King Jr., if he were alive, do you think his priority would be eliminating Indian mascots in football? It is a headline grabbing topic, and of course has merit, but come on people! We are on the brink of changing the dynamics on the Supreme Court that could force the Civil Rights movement to take several steps back. That is such a crucial issue in our country right now. Here we are focusing on football mascots. No wonder European countries laugh at us. Talk about not keeping your eye on the ball!

Anonymous said...

We're talking about the NCAA here, not what goes on in Washington, D.C. and the dynamics of the Supreme Court. That is an irresponsible statement to make. The point the Wiz is making is the priorities the NCAA makes as it's main goals.

Never mind Indian mascots and the number of African-American coaches (what about Native American football coaches, I don't heard Floyd Flake or Richard Lapchick bitch about that?), the NCAA is a comedy of errors that has turned Division I-A athletics into a property that makes money without showing a shred of guilt.

Let the Euros laugh at us, because we laugh at their sorry butts as well for their ineptitude. France had race riots in 2005. 2005!

Myles Brand is nothing more, nothing less than a sweater vest who thinks that 'liberal education' actually works when you have a lack of fortitude to cut out the excesses of silliness.