Thursday, December 29, 2005

They'll Remember This Alamo Bowl

Memories of Cal-Stanford, except the guys in red aren't band members. The final play of the Alamo Bowl is getting a lot of attention, and why not? This frame capture from the ESPN telecast shows the Nebraska bench swarming the field while the final play continues. "It was an obvious violation of rules," Michigan coach Lloyd Carr snarled. Well Lloyd, Michigan had a few representatives milling around on the field, too. But we understand. You lost. ESPN has joined the cause, harping about the bad officiating, but they must have missed the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game, which in our opinion, can't be topped. Nonetheless, the Sun Belt crew assigned to the game did seem a tad overmatched, and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney was among the first to call Sun Belt counterpart Wright Waters to complain. It brings back memories of the 1982 Cal-Stanford game, and we've been saving this glorious link for just this moment. Meanwhile, they could care less in Lincoln, where the Husker Nation is beaming and snickering about that final play (page links to video report). Also, if you are looking for a video of the play, ESPN has one in its Motion section. We were unable to provide a direct link.

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