Saturday, December 24, 2005

Texas Has Been Infiltrated by Infidels

Ha! We got your attention. Works every time. This is what is called a tease, as in teasing a story. This piece happens to be about USC fans who to live in Austin of all places. Yes, the Austin chapter of the USC Alumni Association has about 180 members. We are going to expose their clandestine operation right here, right now. They gather on game days at the Seven-10 Grill and Sports Bar, which is tucked into the back of an alley, a bowling alley. And they are not alone. Operatives are busy planning attacks in other parts of the Lone Star State. In Dallas, there will be a "Let's Mess With Texas" Rose Bowl viewing party. The North Texas chapter has about 1,500 members. Said one Trojan alum of Texans: "They have the aura that everything is bigger and better. I don't think they really know what is going on outside of Texas." Oh, and the poster child? Her name is Jenn Sterger. Read more about her here. And see more of her here.

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