Friday, December 30, 2005

Resistance Is Futile

You've been watching wall-to-wall coverage of bowl games on the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader. Somehow, you pull yourself up from the coach and manage to escape for a moment. As you venture toward the kitchen, you see that computer-generated yellow line flash before your eyes. Enough is enough, you tell yourself. I've been watching too much football and must turn the channel. So you flip over to the Rose Parade, and what do you see? "The Magic of Sports in High Definition." Yes, ESPN has, for the first time, sponsored a float for the parade of parades (float #58 on that link). And you think you could escape this madness by actually going to the Rose Bowl? Ha! Don't bet on it. ESPN is sponsoring the National Championship Tailgate Party, the only official tailgate at the 2006 Rose Bowl. For $20, you too can join this exclusive gathering. Hurry, seating is limited! Only the first 10,000 patrons will be admitted. And if you really want to blend in with the party crowd, don't forget your 2006 ESPN Rose Parade pin (near the bottom of that link). It's only $6.

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