Monday, December 05, 2005

The BCS Got It Right? Tell That to Oregon

Today's quiz: Who got screwed more on Sunday, Ron Jeremy or Oregon's football team? Answer: The Ducks got ... well, you know, f'd. Notre Dame, through some act of God, wormed its way into the Fiesta Bowl. Now how did this happen? Oregon fans are quick to point out that among the voters in the Harris Poll, used in-part by the BCS to determine the best teams, is none other than former Domer Rocket Ismail. His ballot was rather interesting, putting Notre Dame at No. 4 and Oregon at ... No. 11? And how about Pat Haden, who works for the NBC, the Notre Dame Broadcasting Company. His ballot has Notre Dame at No. 3! Oregon knew this was coming. A letter writer to the Register-Guard on Sunday pointed out that Notre Dame has the weakest schedule among BCS teams. And to make it worse, the same thing happened in 2001 to the Ducks. One columnist says it's time for the Pac-10 to get out of the BCS business, having been screwed in 2003 (USC) and 2004 (California) in addition to the injustices against Oregon. And you think this is a West Coast bias toward Notre Dame? Think again. A columnist in Ann Arbor who has seen Notre Dame and Ohio State play says the Buckeyes win hands down.


patrick said...

Listen ladies,

The bowl season will show that the Big 12 is that good. OU will lay the hammer to Oregon like Ron lays the hammer to . . . well whoever it is he's laying the hammer to.

The Pac 10 is weak. Texas may not be able to stop Reggie Bush from having a good game, but they are a better team overall. Texas will beat USC. Write it down, bet the bank, sell the ranch, etc.

undelay, undelay, ei, ei, u-oh!

Anonymous said...

So the BCS got it wrong with Cal and Texas in 2004? I guess that means the Red Raiders got screwed too, since they obliterated NoCal's best in the Holiday Bowl.

I don't know who will win the title game, but I hope Texas does because it will absolutely drive you mad and, at the same time, feed your continuing strange obsession with that state.

greg6363 said...

The last thing I need to see in a college football blog is a picture of the Hedgehog.

Anonymous said...

To Oregon fans this isnt trash talk.
I completely understand your program has tried its hardest, to paint a nice picture for the eyes of the public. A ten story billboard in Times Square was a clear sign that although you might NOT be an elite team you at least will fight to be.
Secondly The Pac 10 doesnt get the respect the Big Ten receives for a few reasons. The history, The NC's etc (with the exception of USC) Take OSU Texas this year. I give BOTH schools credit (although schedules are done years in advanced)for playing this big game so early in the season. Texas has been on the rise for the past few years as well as OSU. A game like this gives a school brownie points with the BCS the Press and MOST importantly the Fans.
An interconference game vs a Big Ten school or even an SEC school in my opinion could heighten the fans awareness of your team. For instance if Oregon called Michigan out to a "any time any where game" early in the season and won or close loss, IM almost positive the school wouldnt have any problems with the Press and the BCS.
Nor the fans.

Cal got screwed in 04' and then SCREWED themselves in their Bowl game.

Anonymous said...

Oregon played exactly 1 team (USC)that finished in the top 25. That team was USC and Oregon lost by 31 points.

If you really want a question a vote, check out Bill Doba of Wash State. He had UCLA ahead of Notre Dame. The same UCLA team that lost by 30 to Arizona and 60 to USC.

Anonymous said...

and Notre Dame beat only 1 good team with a winning record (Michigan). They also beat Navy and BYU , 2 average teams with winning records. This merits them getting a BCS bid???? Not to mention Michigan State, who beat Notre Dame, has no votes in the top 25, has a losing record and hasnt beaten anyone good besides Notre Dame. If you ask me, Oregon got royally screwed.

Anonymous said...

You know, it would at least be nice to feign objectivity in this post. Yes, ND got higher-than-usual votes from those two particular voters. However, to not show the ballots of those associated witht he PAC 10 nor to show the ballots of the PAC 10 coaches is ridiculous. Several such ballots ranked ND and Oregon as egregiously as the two examples you have with oregon having the better end of it, and they were far greater in number. Tell it straight, wiz.