Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Wizard and Week 13

The Wiz (44-38-2, 53.6%) is coming off three consecutive 5-2 weeks. Can he keep it going? To see what he has planned for Saturday, click on comments below.

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dawizofodds said...

The Magnificent Seven

Miami (minus 18) -- Normally the Wiz doesn't like to give double-digit points, but as you will see, he is having to do so this week. One of the reasons is the limited number of games. Another reason, or the reason we need here, is that Miami players are no longer spending time in the studio cutting rap albums, so it's all business in South Florida. Load up the Brinks truck!

Notre Dame (minus 17.5) -- It would be a nice story if Stanford were to win and keep the Irish out of the BCS mix, especially considering a one-loss team like Oregon is deserving. But we're talking pocketbook here, and Stanford can't score. We're sure Cardinal coach Harris is telling his team this is their bowl game, but come on, these are Stanford kids. They're smart and know they are toast. Besides, when you go to a bowl game, you leave town and go on rides at amusement parks and stuff. There's no circus in Palo Alto.

Nevada (plus 15) -- If these teams played in September, this is a slaughter. But Nevada has won three in a row and six of seven. Confidence is high. Plus everybody is on the Fresno bandwagon after the USC game, driving the number up. But the Wiz is going to take the points and the home team, thinking that the Bulldogs will suffer a letdown. This is what gambling is all about baby!

South Florida (minus 8) -- UConn needs to beat the Bulls and Louisville next week to go bowling, but it won't happen. The Huskies have had a series of injuries at quarterback and the offense is going in the wrong direction. If South Florida could wipe away that loss to Pittsburgh, this team would be getting a lot more respect. It lost the opener at Penn State and a midseason game at Miami. If the Bulls win out, they earn the Big East's BCS bid. A remarkable story, but let's get the cover today and then we will talk about it. Like the coach says, we take it one wager at a time.

Georgia (minus 3.5) -- If you can figure out this Georgia Tech outfit, let the Wiz know. One week they beat Auburn or Miami, then the next week they are losing to N.C. State or Virginia. Georgia is the more consistent of the teams and we will stick with that.

Rutgers (minus 14) -- OK, the Scarlet Knights can score, but they also give up a lot of points. Cincy is only 104th in the nation in scoring, though, so the Wiz is going to stick his neck out and say that Rutgers, with little pressure considering it is likely headed to the Insight Bowl, handles the Bearcats.

N.C. State (minus 2.5) -- Maryland, the school with the coach who does those Under Armour ads, right? "Who's going to protect this house!" Well, we have news for you. The Terps are on the road this week, so there's no need to protect the house. For that reason and that reason alone, we're all over the Wolfpack.