Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Wizard and Week 11

OK, maybe the Wizard doesn't have the political capital to speak at the moment (34-34-2, 50%), but the man wants to know why anyone would pay for a service that tells you which side to select. Think about it. If you are running one of these services, all you need to do is tell Caller A one side and Caller B the other side. That way, you make 50% of your customers happy. Then the game is reduced to attracting new customers for the ones you lose. Just something to think about. As for this week's selections, click on comments below. There's no charge.


dawizofodds said...

Wisconsin (minus 2) -- Barry Alvarez says this is it. Or at least this is it for his days prowling the sideline at Wisconsin. Some university will come knocking in two or three years, blank check in hand, and Alvarez will fill it out, sign it and get back in the game. That's the Wizard's prediction. And since we are on the topic of predictions, the Wiz will take the Badgers and give the small number at home. Iowa hasn't been the same since it lost senior receiver Hinkel, and although he might play, it won't be enough to overcome what should be a wave of Badger emotion. Risky? Maybe, but Iowa has yet to beat a quality team, with victories over Ball State, Northern Iowa, Illinois and Indiana at home and a struggling Purdue team on the road. Mark one up for the Badgers.

Louisiana State (minus 2.5) -- Alabama's offense has one touchdown in 13 quarters. If LSU can keep Alabama's defense from scoring, it should win and cover. Simple as that.

USC (minus 19) -- California has been a disappointment, losing three of its last four. The Wizard played the Bears last week at Oregon, but QB Ayoob couldn't make a play when needed and the Bears and Wizard lost. For this transgression, California must be punished. Who better to carry out the assignment than USC, the best team in the land?

Auburn (plus 3) -- The Wizard was impressed with the Tigers' smashmouth style at LSU, but he wasn't impressed with kicker Vaughn, who missed five times. Now whispers out of Auburn say that coaches discovered a flaw Vaughn's approach while watching tape of that game. It seems he took the first couple of steps with his hands securely locked around his neck, almost like a choking gesture. So if it is true that Vaugh's approach has been corrected, the Wiz should be in good shape here.

South Carolina (plus 3.5) -- Steve Superior has been pointing to this one. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. His team quietly has been getting better and although it has flaws, we have a hunch that the Gamecocks will play their best game to date. Florida doesn't play like an elite team and if Vandy can rally like it did late against the Gator defense, that is a cause for concern. South Carolina is at home, getting points. We like points. We like South Carolina.

Georgia Tech (plus 5) -- Can't say we didn't tell you so. If you were a visitor to the site Thursday, you knew that Virginia coach Groh was preparing to suspend players. The Wiz even encouraged readers to jump on Georgia Tech before the you-know-what hit the fan. We informed the world beforehand, so the number reflects our immediate action. And now the Cavs will be without four players, including two starters. This also indicates some discipline problem, so something is not right at the moment with Virginia. The truth will come out, but experience tells the Wiz to cash in while he can, so the Yellowjackets are the play.

Iowa State (plus 2) -- The Cyclones looked tremendous in dispatching Texas A&M and Kansas State and seem to have everything back in order after stumbling midway through the season. Note that the Cyclones have averaged 41.3 points in their last three games (all victories). Colorado is consistent, but has been so-so on the road, going 2-2, granted the two losses were at Miami and Texas. Then again, the two victories came against Oklahoma State and Kansas State, so we will take the points with the home underdog. Wind and rain could be a factor late at Ames.

Chris said...

You didn't hop on Ohio State? For shame, for shame!