Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Sore Loser? How About a Sore Winner?

No one knew that there was bad blood between Northwestern and Iowa, but it's clear the Wildcats' victory over the Hawkeyes didn't sit well with ... the Wildcats? Northwestern quarterback Brett Basanez, left, who was the victim of a late hit by Iowa linebacker Chad Greenway on the winning drive, said afterward, "I guess that's how they teach football down there .... I was kind of disappointed in the sportsmanship aspect." Coach Randy Walker has since picked up the ball and found the open field. "I think there were some things in that game that occurred that were outside the lines," said Walker, who added that he has sent a tape of the alleged transgressions to the Big Ten for review. The Hawkeyes, who lead the nation in fewest penalties, are firing back. Coach Kirk Ferentz got in the pig slop and hurled some mud in the direction of the 'Cats, and Greenway, whose parents happen to be the proud owners of 4,000 pigs, knows the drill all too well. Even writers from Iowa are getting their hands in the goo. Guess you could say we're in hog heaven (some registration).

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