Friday, November 25, 2005

Our Mascot Will Kick Your Mascot

Screw that phony Capital One contest. The Wiz brings you the only mascot that matters. The mascot with passion and attitude. The bad boy of mascots. The one, the only Vili the Warrior, who roams the sidelines at Aloha Stadium, raising trouble with his Little Warriors. You want crude? How about that time Vili grabbed the trunk of Big Al, the Alabama elephant mascot, stuck it near his rear end and started trotting away, dragging the elephant for a few seconds. Vili takes crap from no one. Not even EA Sports, which is being sued for $75,000 by Vili for using his likeness without permission on its NCAA Football '06. And now a national audience will see firsthand what we are talking about when Vili takes center stage during the Wisconsin-Hawaii game Friday on ESPN2.

1 comment:

Sports Litter said...

That is a crazy looking mascot. I wonder if he's been their mascot for 20 years or every 4 years do they find a new fat crazy samoan looking guy to terrorize fans?