Saturday, November 19, 2005

Officially, It's a Victory for Texas Tech

Did Taurean Henderson score to win the game for Texas Tech, or was it another blown call by the officials on the Red Raiders' final drive? Oklahoma fought back for a 21-17 lead, then Texas Tech got the ball for the final drive. Three of the 13 plays on the drive were reviewed, including a delayed call on Henderson's winning run as time expired. As he was going down, Henderson lunged and stretched his arms out in an attempt to get the ball over the goal line. The officials hesitated, then ruled a touchdown. Review officials agreed, but the Wiz isn't so sure. Of the three controversial calls that were reviewed on the final drive, only one was overturned. That was a touchdown on a bobbling catch, properly ruled a no-catch. Before that, a tipped ball that appeared to be intercepted by Oklahoma was given to Texas Tech. It happened on a fourth-down play, and the spot of the ball, which gave Tech a first down by inches, was questionable.

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