Thursday, November 17, 2005

Meet the Man Who Should Win the Heisman

The 923 Heisman ballots were mailed Wednesday and it's likely that Notre Dame's Brady Quinn, Texas' Vince Young and USC's Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart will get the most attention. But are they missing the best player in the land? From a statistical standpoint, UCLA's Drew Olson stands above them all. His efficiency rating is 172.5, which is better than the past nine quarterbacks who have won the Heisman. He has 30 touchdown passes and only three interceptions. In the past six games, he has 22 touchdown passes and one interception. He has led four fourth-quarter comebacks from deficits between 10 and 21 points. And the Bruins are 9-1. Heisman voters screw it up more times than not, and it appears they are poised to do it again.


greg6363 said...

If you're trying to say that Drew Olson is a better quarterback than Matt Leinart or Vince Young, you're flat out wrong. I don't care what the stats say. Olson's numbers are inflated due to the fact the Bruins had to play from behind against Washington, Washington State, Stanford and Cal. Olson had nowhere near the impact that Leinart and Young have when they are on the field.

Happy said...

Greg6363, how are stats padded by coming from behind? Doesn't that prove one's mettle under pressure? And why do Leinart and Olson have similar attempts? Furthermore, Olson's miniscule interception ratio is further evidence of his great statistics. Most QBs if they were faced with great scoring deficits and forced to throw against a defense that knew they were going to throw would throw more interceptions, right? Then why does Leinart have more interceptions? Carroll also likes to run up the score and pad the stats of his players, much like he did with Carson Palmer in 2002 against UCLA and Notre Dame. Olson's stats speak for themselves.

greg6363 said...

Mettle under pressure? Against clearly inferior teams like Washington, Washington State and Stanford? Besides, his poor performance against a horrid Arizona squad sank his chances.