Monday, November 21, 2005

In the End, It's a Lost Cause for Sooners

Bob Stoops is taking the high road after a controversial touchdown by Texas Tech's Taurean Henderson beat the Sooners, but that wasn't his approach immediately after the play. Stoops was heard telling referee Randy Christal, "You blew that call. Everybody says you guys blew the review, too." Stoops will submit a report to the Big 12 office, but added that he's "not going to sit here and make an issue of it." Red Raider coach Mike Leach certainly is not making an issue of it. He found nothing wrong with the three plays that were reviewed on the game-winning drive. "I think all the reviews were correct." (some registration).

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Sports Litter said...

I didn't watch the Sooners game so I haven't seen the controversial plays you are speaking of. But even the Wizard of Odds should know that it all evens out. Sooners got some bad calls at the end of the game, but I'm sure TTech had a few missed ones as well.