Monday, November 14, 2005

Cyclones' Home-Field Advantage Is a Doozy

Fans attending the Colorado-Iowa State game in Ames had quite a scare an hour before the scheduled kickoff. A series of tornados swept through the area, including one, pictured above, that could been seen from Jack Trice Stadium. That tornado-producing storm forced the evacuation of the stadium and delayed kickoff by 40 minutes. To the south of Ames, another twister hit, with some brave souls standing in its path to shoot video. The Wizard would like to reward their effort by linking to three pages that contain this incredible footage of the F3 tornado (the pages are getting pounded, thus the three links). They say don't try this at home, but these guys ignored all that crap. And you thought cameramen who stood their ground while a linebacker crashed into them were true American heroes.

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