Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Wizard and Week 5

After another exhaustive search for any edge in this competitive business, the man emerges with his Magnificent Seven. He is 18-9-1 (64.2%) against the spread. Click on the comments tab for his selections.

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dawizofodds said...

Oklahoma (minus 6.5) -- Kansas State is 3-0, but has fattened up against its usual fare of Sisters of the Poor and Iowa School for the Deaf. And it should have lost at Marshall. Because of this, any statistical evidence is suspect at best. You're dealing with an unknown if you play the Wildcats. Despite the loss at UCLA, OU showed improvement, specifically the play of QB Bomar. He started to make some plays. In years past, Stoops has given his players time off before a bye week. Not this year. Oklahoma has had two weeks to prepare and they have the Wildcats where they want them -- at Memorial Stadium in Norman.

Michigan State (minus 5.5) -- Michigan needs this game to put its season back together, but has to go on the road and play a team with a dynamic QB in Stanton. The Wizard wasn’t a believer a week ago, but he is willing to admit mistakes and learn from them. Spartans at home and playing well against a team searching for an identity. Wolverines look to be a 6-5 team from here, thus earning Lloyd Carr a new name: L-L-L-L-L-oyd Carr.

Miami (minus 21) -- Letdown factor here. The Wizard thinks it was a good week for the Bull players, who no doubt had -- shall we say -- numerous opportunities to enjoy the fruits of their victory over Louisville.

Baylor (plus 22) -- QB Barrick Nealy of dreaded Texas State (Division I-AA) passed for 378 yards and three touchdowns against Texas A&M. I can't trust the Aggie defense with protecting a big number like this.

Minnesota (minus 2.5) -- Wizard is of the opinion that Maroney is the best running back in the country. Reggie Bush is the best player. Penn State is 4-0, but hasn't played a team of merit. Gophers appear to be able to run on anybody. This game goes one of two ways: either Minnesota builds on the Purdue victory, or it suffers an emotional letdown. No sure things, but Wizard was encouraged by QB Cupito making a couple of plays last week. We are saying the Gophers build.

Washington State (plus 2) -- First real test for the Cougs, but until Oregon State patches up that pass defense, the Wizard will continue to look hard at who the Beavers are playing.

UAB (minus 17.5) -- Rice ranks 116th out of 117th in defense. Blazer QB Hackney is under-rated and makes plays. And besides, not any Tom, Dick or Harry can walk into Legion Field and come out with a victory. Defenseless Rice is certainly not of that ilk.