Friday, October 28, 2005

USC Bands Together Against Fresno State

Postings on Fresno State's bark board say USC officials will limit the number of Bulldog band members to 60 for the Nov. 19 game between the teams at the Coliseum (the band has 250-plus members). Predictably, Trojan fans have spat back, so the matter has digressed into the usual juvenile board banter that is commonplace on scout and rivals. But considering the capacity of the Coliseum (92,000-plus), it does seem a tad unneighborly of the Trojans. And thanks to MDG for getting a jump on this.

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Heather said...

Actually, and this is old news, so I don't know if you care anymore... but the reason is we have a deal with only specific bands to have their whole band come and Fresno just wasn't in on that. The schools who get to have their whole bands come are: UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Notre Dame. This isn't determined by the band, but by the athletic dept.